The shipyard has three locations in the Rotterdam area. Our main location is in Capelle aan den IJssel, where we have a ship slipway of 150 meters, a large section construction hall, a tower crane with a lifting capacity of 80 tons, and 200 meters of quay length. At our other locations, we also have multiple large construction sheds where we can undertake significant yacht and shipbuilding projects. These projects include hull construction, shipbuilding, ship repairs, and preparations for offshore projects.


The unique location of the main facility makes it ideal for larger shipbuilding projects. The combination of a large slipway hall and section construction hall, with a tower crane boasting an 80-ton lifting capacity in between, ensures a highly efficient workflow.
The ship slipway at the main location is designed in such a way that it can accommodate the construction and launch of multiple ships simultaneously. What’s innovative about the slipway hall is that its L-shaped roof can open over the entire length of the hall, and the tower crane can position ship sections at any desired location. Additionally, since the tower crane can move along the entire slipway, it can also reach the water’s edge at our quay. This allows for the loading and unloading of loads of up to 80 tons onto and from pontoons.
The other two locations have five large construction sheds, making them suitable for executing and preparing large shipbuilding projects, as well as constructing large steel structures for offshore projects, for instance.



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