Machineshop & Constructions

Machinefabriek Zwijnenburg BV is located in Krimpen aan den IJssel. Two spacious company halls equipped with modern turning and milling machines, as well as a measurement center, provide capacity for versatile projects.


The combined company halls, in addition to the machinery, also house a construction workshop where certified welding and construction work can be carried out. This allows for unlimited possibilities in machining and fabricating (steel) structures. The unique combination of construction work and machining ensures that projects can be executed in-house in a multidisciplinary manner for our clients.
The revamped machinery in 2023 offers endless possibilities, enabling the production of a wide range of products. Additionally, we have a professionally equipped measurement center furnished with modern measuring tools and a controlled climate for an optimal measuring environment. Furthermore, we have a 3D measurement specialist who can be deployed on versatile projects.
With passion and craftsmanship, we serve our partners and suppliers in the yacht and shipbuilding, offshore, and civil industries, fabricating, machining, constructing, or revising a variety of products.


DNV ISO 9001:2015 ISO 3834-2 NEN-1090-2 Execution Class 3

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Over the past years, we have built an exceptional clientele through our versatile services and craftsmanship.


Our updated machine park offers endless possibilities, enabling a wide range of machined products. And we are open to new opportunities!