With passion we create

With craftsmanship in our DNA, we have a passion for delivering technically advanced products and services that meet future requirements.


Since 1955, Zwijnenburg has been a renowned partner in the shipbuilding industry. Despite our growth, we remain a true family-owned company that offers a range of services, with passion and craftsmanship as our foundation.

About Zwijnenburg

Zwijnenburg has been a family-owned business since 1955 and is globally recognized as a reputable partner in shipbuilding, engineering, machining, and construction. The shipyard boasts an almost unparalleled track record in delivering complete super yacht hulls exceeding 100 meters in length for top-tier brands.
Our facilities, located near the port city of Rotterdam and just 25 nautical miles from open sea, offer a unique opportunity for new construction, repairs, offshore, and other operations. With craftsmanship in our DNA, we passionately create technically advanced products and services that adhere to the highest quality standards.

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