About us

A family-owned business since 1955, considered a renowned partner in yacht and shipbuilding, machining, and construction. With craftsmanship in our DNA, we have a passion for delivering technically advanced products and services that meet future requirements.

The story of Zwijnenburg

Machinewerkplaats en Constructiewerkplaats B. Zwijnenburg b.v. was founded in 1955 by Mr. Bas Zwijnenburg in Capelle aan den IJssel. After a few years, the company relocated to one of its current locations in Krimpen aan den IJssel. In its early years, Zwijnenburg primarily focused on producing various types of steel structures and performing various machining operations.
In 2006, the Industrieweg location in Krimpen aan den IJssel was opened, marking our third establishment. Following 2006, the company experienced significant growth, leading to the creation of Zwijnenburg Scheepsbouw (Shipbuilding) and Zwijnenburg Constructies (Constructions) divisions. In 2012, our fourth and newest location, a complete shipyard known as the IJsselwerf, was inaugurated in Capelle aan den IJssel.
In 2017, the machinewerkplaats (machine workshop) became an independent entity within the Zwijnenburg organization, with substantial investments made in the modernization of the company’s facilities and machinery. In July 2018, Mr. Martijn Nobel joined as a shareholder. During that period, Zwijnenburg also acquired T.S.D. Engineering, a company with an excellent reputation in yacht and shipbuilding.
Despite Zwijnenburg’s growth, the company remains a true family-owned business with a passion for its employees and a commitment to exceptional customer care. At Zwijnenburg, we stand for quality and reliability, and we will continue to do so with great passion and craftsmanship for many years to come.


Delivered Refit of U-81

The refit of U-81 has been successfully completed. After 9 intensive weeks, U-81 left Zwijnenburg Shipyard on May 28, 2023, and is now on course for a great sailing season.

Vocational School for Superyacht Hull Construction

The specialized MBO vocational program in Superyacht Hull Construction offers an apprenticeship-plus (BBL+) training pathway at one of the affiliated shipyards, including Zwijnenburg Shipyard.

New additions to our machinery

In 2023, investments were made in new machines at the machine factory. This includes the machining center ‘DNM 750 TYPE 2’ and the lathe ‘DOOSAN PUMA 700 XL’.