Machine Shop

The Zwijnenburg manufacturing plant is a key location in the whole organisation. Here, all possible lathing, drilling and milling activities are performed. Everything according to ISO 9001-2015.

The manufacturing plant is capable of everything, but specialises in the more difficult tasks. Tailor-made. Here, small series with often deviating specifications are manufactured on assignment. We manufacture products with the latest CNC lathing and milling equipment! However, we also made a conscious decision to put in conventional machinery for custom-build orders. 

Due to the fact that we also have a construction workshop, we are capable of executing combined welding and lathing orders ourselves. Apart from the components for our own body and construction engineering, a large part finds its way to all corners of steel construction and industry through external clients. 

Everything Zwijnenburg-proof with knowledge, craftsmanship and entrepreneurship as primary added values.

Click through the links below for the own website of the manufacturing plant, overview machines, pictures of machine park en pictures of the production.