The history of Zwijnenburg in a nutshell

In 1955, Mr. Bastiaan Zwijnenburg started the company machinefabriek & constructiewerkplaats B. Zwijnenburg in the Ruijterstraat in Capelle a/d IJssel. In 1958, the company relocated to the Parallelweg in Krimpen a/d IJssel. At that time, we were mainly doing construction engineering, such as stairs, landings, grippers, buildings, etc. In 1985, Mr. Geen Bak, son-in-law of Mr. Zwijnenburg, became co-owner of the company. In 1989, he took over the company from his father-in-law. 

At the start of the nineties, we expanded the premises at the Parallelweg by taking over the premises of neighbouring company Fabricom. In 1993, Zwijnenburg started with sectional construction for the shipbuilding industry with van der Giessen-de Noord as client. In the same year, Zwijnenburg took over the company Stekelenburg from Middelharnis, which allowed for an expansion of the capacity. In 2006, a son-in-law becomes co-owner of the company for the second time in the history of Zwijnenburg. This time it was Marcel Bresser, from the third generation. In the same year, the construction yard at the Industrieweg was included in the enterprise. 

Halfway through 2006, Zwijnenburg started as a complete body constructor of luxurious super yachts only to become a big, leading company in the business within just a few years. In 2013, Zwijnenburg renovated and started using the yard at the IJsseldijk in Capelle aan den IJssel, which doubles the total capacity. Since the summer of 2013, new luxurious yachts are being built.